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Ted and Tami Miller are the founders of CLI. Ted and Tami have devoted their lives to advancing God's Kingdom through centered living. Centered living, simply put, is Jesus at the center of it all, not first on a list to be checked off but all of life revolving around relationship with Him.

Ted and Tami have been Lead Pastors of great churches across America, including AR, CA, CO and OK. Along with pastoring, Ted has been a church consultant and he and Tami have done many missions projects/exploits internationally. Their life theme is Romans, chapter twelve. Their life goal is to love from the center of who they are (Romans 12:9) and to lead others to do the same.

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He Came Eating

Earlier this year we were introduced to an amazing concept for ministry today - The Dinner Church - There was/is a...

What a Trip!

Thank you so much for those of you who supported the trip to the Philippines. The trip was incredibly successful. We arrived at 11 p.m....


Your giving to Centered Life International is a tax deductible contribution. As you give, you enable CLI to help more people through teaching, producing materials, and sharing to support needs around the world. Let's join together to Equip People to Advance Christ Kingdom all over the World.

"The increase of His Government will not end"

Isaiah 9:7

Thank you for giving to the ministry of Centered Life International.  We are currently partnering with Pastors in the Philippines who have been severely impacted due to Covid19.  We have also helped to rescue some women from a red-light district in India, and a new ministry in model of a dinner church ( has been supported.  Your faithfulness is making a big difference.