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Can You Hear It

A few weeks  ago, I had coffee with a new friend. We have known each other for a while now, but only in the context of a business relationship.  As we sat across from each other, drinking our coffees, Cafe Americano with cream for me and a Cafe Latte for her, I realized how much my life has changed in a short period of time. It’s a new day for me. I am doing things new and differently than I have ever done before. Within my new season, I have experienced the most peaceful sound. The sound of just being. The sound of true relationships, new and old. The sound of my new rhythm of life: a broad open space of goodness and freedom and hope. The sound of purpose bursting out of who I am. The sound of dreaming again. The sound of resting and delighting in the goodness of God. 

A new season always brings a new sound. Sometimes we miss the tones of where we are, because we either look back to where we’ve been or we worry about where we are going.  I encourage you today to quiet yourself and listen to the sound of NOW! Now and God have a lot of things in common. 

Now is always with us. Ready and present. God does the same, He never leaves us, never turns away from us. God is always with us. 

Now is where effective change happens. We can’t look back and wish change had happened and we can’t just hope that change will happen. Change only happens today. God gives us the ability to change. He is where effective change happens. 

Now is our reality. Our reality is not where we used to be; that’s the past. Living off of yesterday's experiences can cause a false sense of reality, religion in the place of relationship, and stagnation in every area of life. We must live for today. We must live experiencing God today. He is our reality. 

It is inevitable that what we do today will effect tomorrow. This is why now is so important. I have found when I am present, living in the now, it actually keeps me from worrying about tomorrow or regretting yesterday. Living in the now also protects me from idolizing the past and being pessimistic about the future. Embracing the now and finding our new rhythm of life is the best thing we can do. So grab a cup of coffee, find your rhythm, and listen for the sound of your now. Don’t be surprised how clearly you hear God within your now! 

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